You can help provide Thanksgiving dinners for families in the Twin Cities living with life-threatening illnesses.
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Welcome to Marina's Turkey Drive Page

Marina Schlesinger

As someone who loves to eat, married to someone who loves to eat, and who has a son who is learning to love to eat all things, ensuring that others get to experience the pleasures of eating a delicious and nutritious meal is deeply important to me. It brings me so much joy to enjoy good food with family and friends that I cannot imagine not being able to.

Open Arms provides that joy and comfort to people in the Twin Cities experiencing life-threatening illnesses (as well as their families!) and does so free of charge. They ensure that their clients are provided with meals that meet their dietary requirements as they undergo treatments for their illnesses, and deliver them to their homes. After spending hours in clinics, hospitals and with doctors, it's difficult to find the energy to eat well, but Open Arms has been solving this problem for their clients for over 30 years!!!

No American holiday focuses on eating and sharing a meal with others more than Thanksgiving! If you have landed on this page, please consider sponsoring a full Thanksgiving spread for a person in our community for $60. After all, people who are sick should not be without food.




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1. Jacob Schlesinger
2. Amber Wacek & Ryan Tully
Shared meals are community building! Gobble gobble!
3. Deborah Samac
Best wishes for a happy holiday.
4. Nichol Hodgkinson
5. Theodore Harwood
6. Marisa And Ryan Pearon
Great cause, we also donated to a similar local cause!